Unboxing: OwlCrate February 2020

Copy of to kill a kingdom (17)Owlcrate February 2020: A Power Within


As you can see, it was such a beautiful and colourful month.

First and foremost, the book: All the Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace. The exclusive dust jacket changes to more of a turquoise colour scheme. Also, just take a gander at the book naked! It’s a beautiful fuschia colour with a silver embossing of a crown. Love it.


There’s even a spine change. Instead of the original design of waves, we have a sword. In terms of design, it feels more cohesive with the sword. I love OwlCrate’s version.


The signature. I’m part of an online community where we share our bookish thoughts and we’ve noticed that different books have different coloured signatures. There were pink, purple, blue, etc. My signature was turquoise.


Monthly pin: All the Stars and Teeth inspired pin designed by @thatslovelydearshop


Mistborn inspired bento box created by Team OwlCrate. I love how there’s compartments and the inclusion of chopsticks and a spoon. I just wish there were a fork, too!


Throne of Glass inspired deck of cards designed by Jo Painter, Salome Totladze, Diana Dworak, Jana Runneck (designed and painted the characters) and Michelle Gray (designed the cards and packaging).


A closer view so we can admire the art.


The Magicians inspired Keychain by Blooming Library and the Truthwitch inspired bookmark was designed by Hey Atlas Creative. The bookmarks came in pairs and I already gave one of my bookmarks to someone.


Wicked Saints inspired Screen cleaning cloth (double-sided). Art designed by Nicole Deal and the lettering was by Leaf and Lore.



A sneak peek of an upcoming book: Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare


I absolutely loved this box. I loved the practicality of the items and I loved the book. Usually, I’m not a fan of Owlcrate’s cover changes (or cover changes in general), however, I just loved this month’s dust jacket design change. The colours are bright and vivid. Turquoise is such a unique and beautiful colour. I rarely see it on young adult books, so I really appreciate the cover change here.

What are your thoughts on February’s box? Any favourite items?

If you’d like to check out the artist’s Instagram handle, I’ve tagged them all on my post on IG.