This or That Thursdays |YA Book Covers

Copy of to kill a kingdom (5)

Not all dust jackets are the same for every book. My naive self never connected the dots on how there some books have different covers depending on the region. ANYWAY! I decided to do something fun—’This or That Thursdays’ where I compare different covers of the same book.


Title: Daughter of Smoke and Bone

I don’t know about you, but I’m biased. I prefer books with no real faces on it as I’d like to imagine characters freely. Although, I’ll admit that the US version is very eye-catching but I just love how inviting and intriguing the UK version is.

Winner: UK Cover


Title: Nevernight

Both covers are beautiful and I would normally pick the US cover—I just love the symmetry with the art, however, the intricate details on the US cover is so gorgeous.

Winner: UK Cover


Title: Caraval

Now here’s a tough decision. Both are gorgeous. However, I’d have to pick the US cover. It sparks more of a magical and grand atmosphere and it’s bright and vivid. Very eye-catching! If this was a lamp and a moth moment, I’m the moth and the US version is the lamp. So pretty.

Winner: US Cover

Out of the covers, which ones did you prefer?