Unboxing: March OwlCrate 2020

Copy of to kill a kingdom (17)

March OwlCrate 2020: Music of the Night

Firstly, look at the box. It’s such a gorgeous colour! We were spoiled with the box colour change and it really evokes the feeling of a special edition (considering, that March month the five year anniversary). Also, I love how cohesive this box in both the sense of colour and concept.


Extra: OwlCrate’s 5 Year Anniversary Socks

Featured Book: The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu

This version is gorgeous—with silver gilded edges, embossed hardcover, and of course, the author’s signature.


Monthly Enamel Pin: By @FableAndBlack


Here is a closer view. How gorgeous is this pin?! And behold the silver edges!

Twilight inspired Lip Scrub: handmade by @FairyTableBathCo

OwlCrate Wireless Speaker: By Team OwlCrate

Phantom of the Opera Inspired Poster Print: Illustrated by Anne Lambelet


Monsters of Verity inspired Wooden Art Print: Designed by Emilee Rudd


Harry Potter inspired Ex Libris Bookplates: Illustrated by @Veresknastasia_art

Wintersong inspired Candle: by @FlickTheWick


I absolutely love this candle. The candle has a strong, delightful fruit aroma.

What are your thoughts on February’s box? Any favourite items?

To be honest, I was ehhh at first. BUT upon connecting my phone to the speaker, I realised how ingenious that was! Plus! I love the idea of having your own bookplates (not that I use it or have anyone to lend my books to). Actually, no, scrap that—I changed my mind. I loved this box. The candle is divine, the socks are a great addition. OwlCrate never disappoints. Congratulations to OwlCrate for their five years. 

If you’d like to check out more of the artist’s I’ve mentioned, please feel free to check out my Instagram post as I’ve tagged them in my March unboxing post.





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